How it works

Learn how easily you can find your home with Inlife.

How to book a place

How to visit and book a place

Search for the right spot.

We’ve built a great experience to help you find the right place for your preferences.

Choose your requirements, check the location, save to favorites and book when you’re ready.

If you need help or recommendations, you can always talk to one of our local advisors.

Get detailed information.

Before booking a place, you deserve to know everything about it.
Detailed information is priceless.

That’s why we provide every piece of info about the house, the location and even about your future housemates.

Choose your booking method.

Decide if you want to make an instant booking or to send a request and wait for landlord’s approval.

Whatever the option you choose you will only be charged after the booking is confirmed.

Schedule your visit.

We understand how important it may be for you to visit the places in real time before booking, so we allow you to do it comfortably by a live video call with the landlord.

Select a day and time from the available schedules and just wait up to 24h for landlord confirmation.

Send your booking request safely.

All your payments are protected. We have anti-fraud measures to safeguard your experience and have you fully covered.

If the landlord cancels, you’ll receive a full refund.

We securely hold your first month rent until 24h after you move in to make sure everything is ok with your new home.

Visiting first is great when

Information is not clear

Listing information is not fully clear and you have specific questions after detailed reading.

Ask about housemates

You want to check who’s already living in the flat to know who your future housemates will be.

Check the place in real time

You prefer to verify the current condition of the flat before you book it.

Find your home now

Frequently asked questions

When you find a home you like, you can send a booking request right away, or:

– If you have questions about the information on the listing, you can schedule a visit by live video call.

– When you are ready to book, send a booking request. Remember that nothing will be charged at this stage.

– The landlord approves your request and at this moment you need to complete the reservation payment.

– In case the landlord rejects your reservation request, no payment will be requested.

If you like the place and wish to visit it first, you can schedule a visit by live video call through our platform, by sending a visit request.

– Just log in or create an account, choose the visit type and select up to 3 available schedules from the landlord’s open agenda.

– After sending the visit request, the landlord will have a 24-hour period to confirm the exact date and time for the visit, within the options you requested.

– When the visit is confirmed by the landlord you will receive a notification with all the details, as well as the link to join the live video call.

– After making the visit you will receive a link to book the place. Please bear in mind that in order to stay protected you should always make the booking request through Inlife’s platform.

After sending a booking request:

– The landlord has a maximum of 24 hours to accept or reject your request. After this period, the booking will be automatically rejected.

– The landlord accepts your booking:
a) If you’ve sent a booking request without payment details we’ll instantly send you a secure link where you must complete the payment within 24 hours to confirm your reservation.
b) In case you’ve sent an instant booking request (with payment details) your debit/credit card or Paypal account will directly be charged and the reservation is immediately confirmed.

– As soon as the reservation is confirmed, you will automatically receive landlord contact details (email and phone number), and the landlord will also receive yours. You will be able to contact your new landlord right away or just wait for their contact to arrange move-in details.

– If the landord rejects your request no amount will be charged and you should send new booking requests for alternative options. We’ll guide you in this process.

After carefully reading all the information on the listing, if you still have doubts or if you need very specific information, you can take advantage of Inlife’s secure visit scheduling system to set up a live video call with the landlord. Then you’ll be able to check the place in real time and clarify all your doubts.

After the visit, you will be able to return to this page and complete the reservation safely.

As soon as your reservation is accepted, you will receive all landlord contact details. You can contact the landlord right away to arrange your check-in.
All subsequent payments will be made directly to the landlord.